Pump Inverter ITTP30 W-RS-BC With RS485 and Blue Connect communication system

Electroil Pump Inverter are designed to control the feedback pressure of centrifugal pumps in systems in with it’s important to keep the constant pressure control and at the same time contain the operating costs and ensure a longer mechanical and electrical longevity of all the components of the system.

The models available for wall installation, more versatile since they do not affect the user on the choice of the electric pump to match and they can eventually be reused with machines of other types.


Code EF.0897.
Input Three phase Output Three phase
Max motor-pump power 30.00 kW
Max output current 64.00 A
Communication in group Blue Connect / RS485
Mounting type Wall fixing
Electroil® Series I1 for pumps
  • Pump-Inverter with three-phase power supply and three-phase output for wall mounting, for electric pumps up to 30 kW
  • Compact and robust, with temperature-controlled servo-ventilation cooling system
  • Enclosure in shielding sheet metal, with special anticorrosive treatment and high degree of protection (IP55)
  • K16 pressure transducer with M8 connector cable included, simply screwed onto the water system delivery
  • Models equipped with an LCD display that allows the display of the parameters that are written in full
  • Quick installation on the wall, simple cable connection thanks to the raised terminal block and simple commissioning
  • PC software for reading and analyzing events, via USB connector
  • 12Vdc signaling outputs for Motor ON and Alarm
  • Suitable for controlling pressurization units up to N8 pumps, with transmission system via RS485 serial or via radio with BlueConnect system
  • On request, it can be supplied by mounting the line lightning protection at the input inside the inverter (LPT550V940J)
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  • Three-phase inverter power supply voltage 3x (200-460) V
  • Three-phase inverter output voltage 3x (200-460) V
  • Maximum motor power up to 30 kW
  • Maximum output current 64A
  • Pressure measurement range from 0 to 50 bar
  • Power-assisted cooling
  • Possibility of group connection with other inverters with RS485 communication and via radio with BlueConnect system
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    Technical data
    Technical data inverter Electroil ITTP30W-RS-BC

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