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Technical assistance
    Make sure that:
  • there are no leaks within the hydraulic system;
  • that the pump is properly primed.
  • Then slightly close the delivery and check the pressure trend again.

    ATTENTION: in the case of a three-phase pump, check the correctness of the direction of rotation.

Reset the inverter and repeat the autocheck procedure: hold down the "STOP" and "+" keys at the same time and wait for the LED circle to stop flashing. After releasing the keys, all 10 leds must be on.

At the end of the procedure increase by 2 LEDs at a time with the "+" key and close the flow.

    Make sure that:
  • there is no air inside the hydraulic system and expansion tank (if present) and that the pump is properly primed;
  • that the pressure transducer is correctly connected to the hydraulic system BEFORE (upstream) of the delivery valve and AFTER (downstream) the non-return valve.
  • Close the delivery valve and press the "START" button on the inverter and wait a few minutes for the procedure to be complete.

    WITH LCD SCREEN INVERTER: The positive outcome of the operation will be confirmed by the appearance of the message “CHECK DONE” on the display and by the engine switching off, which will be followed by the “MINIMUM FLOW” status (MOTOR ON light off).

    WITH LED PANEL INVERTER: The successful outcome of the operation will be confirmed by the turning off of the "MOTOR ON" light and by the lighting on the panel of a number of LEDs equivalent to the pressure reached in the system.

    ATTENTION: At the end of the initial test procedure, the hydraulic system must remain under pressure until the delivery valve is reopened (pressure value verifiable on the inverter). Otherwise, there will be a leak (or air) in some area of ​​the hydraulic circuit and the inverter will not be able to correctly read the pressure inside the system.

Keep the STOP and "-" keys pressed at the same time for at least 5 seconds.

WITH LCD SCREEN INVERTER: the positive result will be confirmed by the appearance of the message "RESET DONE".

WITH LED PANEL INVERTER: the positive outcome will be confirmed by the sequential lighting of all the LEDs (from 1 to 20) on the panel.

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