I4 - Inverters for solar pump Series


The big opportunity given by photovoltaic panels for the generation of electric energy from renewable sources (in this case, the solar radiance), allows to combine a pump system driven by inverter, at high efficiency, to an ecological energy generation system  such as the photovoltaic solar panel.

The Inverter will receive energy from solar panels as voltage and direct current, that will be transduced in sinusoidal three-phase alternating voltage to supply the asynchronous three-phase motor of the pump.

The Electroil inverter with supply from photovoltaic panels is available in one single version, named IMTP1.5W-SOL, allowing to cover a wide range of possible applications with this type of energy source, since it’s able to supply an asynchronous three-phase 230Vac motor with maximum current of 7 Ampere, when the output panels supply source is on average 130Vdc, with a maximum current of 15 A.  Therefore the motor can be a common three-phase 230V asynchronous type, with maximum size 1.5kW.

The system is made by a photovoltaic solar panel or by a group (series and parallels) of photovoltaic solar panels, able to transform the energy coming from the rays of the sun into electrical energy as electromotive force on the two output poles. Such a direct output voltage is as much higher as higher are the number of the photovoltaic panels electrically connected in series each other; and the power (current) is as much higher as higher are the number of the panels connected in parallel.

The input stage of the inverter is specifically designed to receive a direct supply voltage,  with a value between 60 Vdc and 200 Vdc, that will then be increased in value by the positive-booster stage up to over 300 Vdc, to be subsequently transformed into alternating three-phase sinusoidal voltage through an IGBT three-phase bridge.  The inverter output voltage, thus the three-phase asynchronous motor supply voltage, results of an effective maximum value of 230Vdc  and frequency (variable) of a maximum value of 50 or 60 Hz. The motor pump can be of a common type on condition that it has a three phase winding for 230Vac.

 Working principle :

The inverter has the same working principle of the standard Electroil pumps-inverter (pls just have a look at the details on chapter I1) with the very simple initial setting based on the check for the auto-installation, to be done with closed delivery side. During working the drive will regulate the maximum voltage, thus the motor output frequency, according to the available voltage from the photovoltaic panels, that can considerably differs depending on the time of the day and weather factors.  In periods of maximum insolation and thus of maximum output power from the panels, the inverter will operate with maximum output power, supplying 230Vac to the motor with a maximum current of 7 ampere.  When the rays of sun will be low and therefore the output voltage from the panels will be lower, the inverter output power will automatically be reduced with consequent reduction of the pump maximum speed and thus of the working pressure; in practice when the sun is down or the sky is cloudy, the pump will automatically regulate itself working at a lower pressure, but still maintaining active the different protection functions such as minimum flow (automatic restart), dry working and the other electrical protections.

Important note : the inverter IMTP1.5W-SOL allows to operate the motor-pump obtaining energy from the solar panels without any storage battery to the panels output, since the working provides the completely automatic regulation of the output, according to the available input voltage, even if variable between 60Vdc and 200Vdc; when the input voltage falls below 60Vdc the inverter switches off, then it will automatically restart when the voltage comes back, re-starting the pump.

 Energy saving with motor-pump driven by inverter supplied from solar panels :

 The Electroil inverter IMTP1.5W-SOL has been designed optimizing all hardware and electronic parts, with modern and low consumption components, with an efficient internal and external (on the generous aluminium dissipator) servo-ventilation system, and also at software level, letting the three-phase asynchronous motor work in condition of maximum efficiency, all in order to optimize the whole efficiency of the system made by photovoltaic panels + inverter + motor.



Strength points

  • Made in Italy
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy and quick installation and programming
  • High energy saving
  • Product are controlled 100%
  • Cooling type by servoventilation and motor forced ventilation
  • Technical support and assistance
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