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ELECTROIL s.r.l. is a reliable company specialized in design and manufacturing of electronic controllers for asynchronous and permanent magnets brushless motors for industrial and pumps.

The company was founded in 2002 by the Eng. Federico Chiussi and started its activities in Poviglio (Reggio Emilia – Italy) developing the first electronic hydraulic (Oil-powered) and Power Take-Off drives systems. After sixteen years of continuous improvements and innovation mainly in electronic power drives for electric motors and pumps, in 2018 ELECTROIL s.r.l. transferred all activities in the modern site of Cadelbosco di Sopra (Reggio Emilia - Italy), increasing the levels of quality, reliability and volumes of the automatized production lines.

Today ELECTROIL is a ISO9001-2015 certified Company operating at international level , with a steadily increasing market share and a high level position in the power drives (inverters) sector. The superior design, best quality technology, highly qualified customer support, and hard work are the pillars that made ELECTROIL an innovative and successful company.

While electronic power drives represent ELECTROIL's core business, ELECTROIL product series include also electric linear actuators and integrated brushless permanent magnets motors with dc supply.

ELECTROIL engineers join the fourty years experience in motors and electrical drives to the continues innovation on using of modern electromagnetic numerical analysis computing systems, mechanical modelling and electronics system.
Our philosophy

The cooperation with the customer is a very important point for ELECTROIL for the continous improving, on 360°, to guarantee important competitive advantages for the customer.


The ELECTROIL mission is the continuous research and developments of a highly integrated product portfolio at the top technology level, to guarantee always the full satisfaction of the customers.

Our company has made innovation its trademark

Research and Development

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Made in Italy, seeing is believing

Choosing Electroil as a partner means having top quality engineering, technology, ideas and technical support. Electroil's success comes from the success of its customers.

A wide range of products for various applications at your service

In detail the production ranges currently operating

  • Inverters for centrifugal pumps and pressure systems;
  • Inverter system with expansion vessel integrated;
  • Inverters for industrial motors;
  • Inverters for centrifugal pumps;
  • Inverter control for water pumps group;
  • Motor pump inverters with supply from photovoltaic panels;
  • Control Box for motor-pump control and analysis;
  • Inverter control for water pumps group;
  • Linear and rotative actuators and electromagnets.

Made in Italy, seeing is believing
With Electroil you choose reliability and quality for your company
Made In Italy

Each of our products is conceived, designed, manufactured and tested in our headquarters in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy) thanks to the continuous feedback with our customers.

Plug & Play solution

Our products are designed to ensure ease of installation, practicality and intuitiveness in use thanks to the self-adjusting system

Reliability and Ttechnology

Choosing Electroil as a partner means having top quality engineering, technology, ideas and technical support. Electroil's success comes from the success of its customers.

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