I2 - Industrial inverters Series


An Inverter or Variable Speed Drive is an electronic device that, supplied directly from the power line, through a sophisticated control, allows to change the frequency and the amplitude of the supply mains voltage of a three-phase or single-phase asynchronous electric motor, and consequently, allows to change its angular speed.

The range of Electroil®  inverters specific for industrial motors available with powers from 1.5 kW up to 22 kW. 

The main applications are:

- Replacement of single-phase motor through three-phase motor with Inverter supplied at 230V single phase;

- Speed regulation with start and stop ramps on the gearmotor as a replacement of the mechanical speed-variator with knob;

- Speed regulation by buttons, potentiometer, voltage or current signal and remote control on asynchronous motor for belt conveyer;

- Speed regulation on general industrial machines with the possibility of serial communication between multiple inverters;

- Speed regulation and torque control on cutting-off machines with braking resistances in presence of inertial loads;

- Speed regulation on oenologyc pumps with control of revolutions done through encoder or proximity;

- Control of other motors in general, ensuring a significant energy saving.

Strength points

  • Made in Italy
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy and quick installation and programming
  • High energy saving
  • Product are controlled 100%
  • Cooling type by servoventilation and motor forced ventilation
  • Technical support and assistance
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