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The Lightning-overvoltage arresters are special devices with electrical circuit based on varistors, able to discharge to ground the impelling overvoltages that may arise on the power line as a result due to lightning or sudden voltage changes (for closing of disconnectors or other anomaly) on the electrical lines of low or medium voltage, upstream of the electrical system of the inverter.

The overvoltage arresters are single-phase (275V, 470 Joule, 22 kA) or three-phase (550V, 940 Joule, 22 kA) and they can efficiently be installed on the inverter supply line, in order to protect them.

These devices are very compact and equipped with leds for visualization of the operating condition (LED on = active protection) and are fitted as standard on the USB Control Box models type PCM3.0 and PCT7.5, since they are equipments designed to work in critical environments because of the high risk of lightnings that may fall on the power lines.

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