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The pressure transducer transforms the physical quantity pressure (bar) in an electrical signal, as variable current between 4 and 20 thousandths of Ampere, when it’s supplied with a direct current between 8 and 28 Vdc. This electrical signal is processed by the inverter in order to adjust the speed of the motor into the feedback pressure control.

The pressure transducer is an extremely important device on the operation of the standard pumps inverters, the inverter with supply from photovoltaic panels (K16 and K25) and the circulating pumps inverters (K3T and K5T). In these applications the measurement precision of the transducer has a fundamental importance for the correct feedback control of the pump and for this reason we have selected a proper range of transducer, with features of absolute reliability and precision.

The pressure transducer must be electrically connected to the inverter, depending on the model, according to the drawing to find on the user manual of the inverter, or according to the connection drawing on the summary table here below on the catalogue. The connection cable is with two poles, not shielded, standard with 2 meters long. If the customer would like to extend the cable of the pressure transducer, it’s possible to do it by using a cable, better if it’s shielded in case the length is considerable or depending of the field; connect the shield to ground, to only one side, with a low resistance connection.

It’s not recommended to extend the connecting cable of the transducer over 200 meters for reasons of voltage drop and higher susceptibility to noises.

On the pumps for open water systems, the pressure transducer must be hydraulically connected on the delivery side of the pump, between the non-return valve (that is often fitted on the intake of the pump) and before the stop-valve (key).

The transducers suitable for a precise measurement of the absolute pressure, for open water systems, are the K16 (16 bar max) and K25 (25 bar max) models; all models included into the standard ranges of pumps-inverter and pumps-inverter with supply from photovoltaic panels are equipped with a K16 transducer.

The transducers suitable for a very delicate reading in a restricted pressure range into closed water systems and with high liquid temperature (up to 90°C) are the models K3T (3 bar max) and K5T (5 bar max), intended to operate, in pairs (one on the delivery and one on the intake side), on the circulating pumps inverter (to be purchased separately).

All the pressure transducers proposed are made in anti-corrosive stainless steel material, therefore are suitable to work for all fluids compatibles with this material, remaining into the temperature range specific for the transducer type in use.