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The range includes the possibility to use models for installation on a wall and models for installation on-board motor. The versions for on-board motor installation allow to set up in series professional and industrialized booster sets, and must be fitted in replacement of the cover that closes the supply terminal board of the motor. Such a models can be requested for adapting to vertical and horizontal surface pumps.

The most compact and industrialized highest level booster sets are therefore the ones that are set up from groups of more pumps with inverters for onboard motor installation in which each inverter is fitted on its correspondent pump and all the variable speed drives communicate each other through radio type Blue-Connect (on the BC versions) or through serial cable RS485.

On the models for installation directly on the motor there are always present output relays or in DC Voltage to drive an on-off switch that can control a second ON-OFF pump: such a system needs therefore that one pump is driven by an inverter and the second pump ON-OFF.

The inverter control logic, when the water demands increases, determinate, thanks to an optimized algorithm, the right moment to enable the second pump without creating any sudden pressure drop, then, when water demands decreases, it’ll determine the right moment to disable the second pump without creating pressure peaks on the delivery side manifold.


IMTP 2.2 M-RS                  ITTP 2.2 M-RS                        ITTP 4.0 M-RS                     ITTP 5.5 M-RS