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Инвертор Архимед_Фото_1.2_itArchimede is a new revolutionary concept of Pump Inverter for single-phase or three-phase asynchronous moto pump.
This Inverter is suitable for all types of pumps because the operation of Archimede does not depend on the water fl ow, but its due to a perfect pump control thanks to the automatic measurement of the working curve of the pump, during the initial self-regulation check, and thanks to an accurate pressure control feedback measured by a stainless steel IP67 pressure transducer.

This advanced system guarantees a substantial energy saving, up to 40% on respect to the standard on-off traditional systems, especially in conditions of medium fl ow, the most common use of the pump, as well as various security functions that are not possible in traditional applications.

Archimede replaces all traditional systems such as pressure switch or fl ow switch and big tank are not longer necessary.
Soft starts and stops in ramp, guarantee a low current absorption, a long-lasting of the mechanical and electric parts of the pumps, silent working and an absence of water hammer.

Archimede is available also on the Blue Connect version for the automatic wireless radio connection in group between two or more Pump Inverters, up to 15 meters maximum distance. Such an advanced system makes it possible to control the pressure on booster sets pumps with the maximum simplicity of installation and use.
Itʼs also possible to set two or more Blue Connect Archimede inverters working separately in the same room, only by setting a specifi c parameter.


  • Minimum fl ow protection
  • Dry working protection
  • Over-voltage Inverter protection
  • Over-current Motor protection
  • Maximum Motor speed setting till +/-10% than rated value
  • Vertical wall fi xing with four holes 7 mm diameter
  • Quick motor connection
  • Quick voltage supply connection with electrical plug
  • Stainless steel Pressure transducer IP67 – ¼” GAS screw connected
  • Rugged frame, with high protection grade
  • Blue Connect series with automatic wireless radio connection