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The Electroil inverters for on-board motor installation are available in different standard version of coupling to the motor, on the terminal board cover, but in certain cases there could be non-standard motor frames or specific terminal board covers that need a motor-fixing adapter in order to be able to screw up the inverter.

The offered adapters, designed on the basis of the experience gained in the field over the years, are generally in aluminium, to be screwed firstly on the motor by putting between the motor and the adapter the rubber seal of the terminal board cover, equipped with the motor; subsequently the bottom-case of the inverter must be screwed to the adapter by putting between the inverter and the adapter the rubber seal supplied with the inverter.


  • Screw the bottom-case of the inverter to the motor, with eventual fixing adapter, making sure that the air flow generated by the motor fan reaches the inverter fins in a tangential direction so as to cool them efficiently;
  • When putting between the inverter and the motor an adapter, which could be supplied by Electroil or made by the customer, always remember that the inverter must be cooled by the forced air convection coming from the motor fan, therefore it’s important to keep to a minimum the height of the fixing adapter and therefore the distance between the motor and the inverter itself, so as the airflow arriving on the aluminium fins of the inverter case is substantial.
  • In case, for any reasons, by screwing the bottom case of the inverter into the motor, with or without an adapter, arise slits that are not covered by the rubber seal, it’s recommended to put silicone into such a slots by using industrial type silicone (suitable for minimum working temperature of 150°C).