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All Electroil inverters have an integrated input line EMC filter on the electronic board, on the input side of the circuit, that considerably attenuates the noise diffusion on the supply line, of duct electromagnetic noises (usually at low frequency), and also limits air radial noise (usually at high frequency). Although this important attenuation, for circuital reasons of the inverter and the system on which the drive is installed (in particular in presence of connection cable between inverter and motor that are longer than 20 mts) can sometimes be present on the electric power line any devices very susceptible to the residual noises, after the attenuation given from the filter, propagated in the electric power line from the inverter, therefore in such a cases it’s necessary to use an additional EMC filter on the input of the drive.

The EMC filters we propose are of high quality (always manufactured in Italy or Germany), with single phase or three-phase supply, at double or triple stage, with shielding plate frame, that in order to maximize the efficiency of the filter, we always recommend to ground, with a low resistance connection or with direct screwing of the filter frame with metallic parts of the system that are grounded.

For the efficiency of the filter, it must be placed as close as possible to the metallic cover of the inverter by grounding, with a low resistance connection, both the inverter and filter frames, possibly connected each other with a good electrical contact (therefore in absence of plastic contact areas, painted or in any case insulating).

All the EMC filter proposed by Electroil have been tested combined with Electroil inverters, and all the electromagnetic compatibility tests have been made into a laboratory provided with semi-anechoic room; therefore we suggest the utilization of our additional EMC filter in order to get the best results in terms of interferences suppression.