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The models for wall installation are more versatile since they do not affect the user on the choice of the pump to match and they can eventually be reused with machines of other types. Besides, they can be fitted each time there is the intention to advantageously modify a pre-existing traditional system set up from one or from more pumps.

In particular, the inverters type Archimede IMM P (single phase input / single phase output) are the easiest and the most handy inverters presents on the market for this category of pumps.

They have been studied and designed to allow building up of new systems but also a quick and easy conversion of small domestic surge tanks, with powers included between 0,37 and 1,5kW, without modifying or completely changing the original hydraulic system and replacing the old pressure switch or flow switch through few simple operations.

Pump-inverter Electroil ITTP4.0_5.5_7.5W-RSittp11_15_wrsPump-inverter ITTP22W-RS-BC

ITTP 4.0 W-RS                              ITTP 11 W-RS-BC                         ITTP 22 W-RS-BC
ITTP 5.5 W-RS                              ITTP 15 W-RS-BC                         ITTP 30 W-RS-BC