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The range of Electroil inverters specific for centrifugal pumps, is the most complete one you can find in this field, with Powers from 1.1 kW to 30kW. Our range of inverters is used in the water circulation and pressurization of civil and industrial networks as well as residential and agricultural irrigation systems generally of small, medium and large sizes.

These inverters need for their operation only to be connected to the power line through an electrical cable and to the water supply through a pressure transducer. They are suitable for any types of centrifugal pumps aside form their capacity and head.

Summary table of the different types of pump-inverters.

Tabella-gamma di pump-inverter


  • All models are available in the version for wall mounting installation;
  • M states that the model is also available in the version for boarding motor installation.


Thanks to the variety of available inverter powers and to the possibility to connect in a group more pumps driven by inverters, the systems with Electroil inverters are generally used for an optimal pressure regulation on the waterworks systems in which is requested the maximum efficiency, therefore the maximum energy saving. Thanks to an optimized current control, to the speed regulation, to the soft starting and stopping ramps and to the absence of water hammering of the typical traditional systems, our inverters also allow a silent working and an extension of the pumps life. By driving the system through inverter, the use of the membrane tank is recommended, but it’s enough to use to use a membrane tank having a very small volume as it works, by maintaining the water under pressure, only during the transient elapses between the opening of a waterworks valve and the start of the pump with the reaching, in ramp, of the speed leading to the reference set pressure.


The Electroil’s inverters range includes a wide types of products designed to control the feedback pressure of centrifugal pumps in systems in which it’s important to keep the constant pressure control and at the same time contain the operating costs and ensure a longer mechanical and electrical longevity of all the components of the system.

The working of an electrical motor will be optimized thanks to the frequency converter and to a pressure transducer, setting the number of revolutions in a proportional way to the liquid volume taken from the water supply or
from the storage tank and at the same time reduces the transient current during start phase. In addition the current absorption during running conditions will be reduced as well as the water hammering will be attenuated in virtue of the progressiveness with which comes to stopping when the desired reference pressure is reached.